5 reasons to invest in the real estate market

If you have always wanted to be a real estate investor, now is the perfect time to achieve your dream. Today’s economic conditions and the housing market are suitable for long-term and profitable investments, so make the most of your savings by investing in the housing market.

If you are interested in the benefits of housing investment based on current market trends, here are five reasons why it is a good choice.

  1. Good long-term income: Real estate can be a good deal for people who want to work on improving their investments and increasing their value and selling them to a later date. Buy an old property, repair it and buy it at a good price to make a profit again. If you want a steady cash flow, you can also rent your property.
  2. The economy is improving: The economy is finally recovering from a recession. As they grow, people who are forced to mortgage their homes will look for promising homes and properties to buy again. Thus, once the renovations are complete, an investor will have a large number of prospective buyers to sell their home.
  3. Endless Opportunities: Investors are given endless opportunities, because there are always people who want to sell their homes. Many people are in a hurry to sell to an investor, whether for use or other reasons. On the other hand, many buyers are ready to buy a home for their families. Regardless of economic and market conditions, the housing market never stops completely.
  4. Tax-free income from rental property: Many real estate investors use their savings to buy rental property that they can rent to buyers at affordable prices. Rent from tenants is tax-free; thus, it is calculated as your entirely profitable income.
  5. An assetIf you do not have the available money, it is a good idea to choose real estate. No matter how bad the economy may be, you will always be able to keep your property as an asset to make money when you need it.

Given the above reasons, now is the time to become a real estate investor.

However, when looking for an investment property, always consider many options, make sure you have the money to finance your investment, and make a contingency plan if your investment will face any major problems over time.

5 Alternative Investment Approaches


An alternative investment is an investment class that is not covered by any state regulation such as RBI, SEBI, IRDA and PFRDA. It belongs to a specially collected investment fund – a trust or a company.

Here are some alternative investment approaches that can influence your investment decisions –

# 1 Definitely focus on the return

You are investing to make more money than you started. Definitely means you’re looking for a return: how much you’ve actually earned, the main focus.

Invest in assets that you believe will pay off; do not invest in a product just because it is likely to outperform the market. Keep your analysis in hand.


When it comes to investments, it’s easy to calculate returns. Focus on the risk associated with an alternative investment asset. Make a list of relevant risks. You need to have a clear idea of ​​the risks associated with your investment, because it will help you make a calculated decision.

Also, if something unexpected happens, you will be more likely to make better decisions if you consider the risks before investing.


Understand what it will affect and increase the return on your investment. Keep an eye on the value of your investment while keeping the investment in your hands.

If it does not meet your parameters or expectations, always reconsider your assumptions about the return on investment.


Everything that is not traditional is an alternative. An alternative investment is filled with investment ideas that may not be immediately apparent. For example, cryptocurrency.

Continuous learning, exploring, exploring, learning and staying out of your comfort zone is the key to financial success.


Having a mix of equally good but different behaviors will keep your portfolio profitable and reduce your risk.

Diversification means building a portfolio with not only different assets, but many different return drivers and risk parameters.

Most of us find it very risky to invest in alternative investments. But if you want to live a successful and successful life and retire with enough money to enjoy your retirement years, you have to take calculated risks. These include the risks in your relationship, the risks in your career, and the risks in investing.

Taking wisely calculated risks is important to achieve your goals in life, keep in mind that bad risks and loss can sometimes drag you down significantly. However, remembering that taking smart risks is as simple as making smart decisions can help.

A framework for making good decisions

I have learned a lot from observing others and from personal experiences, both good and bad. So when I think about taking risks in any area of ​​my life, the questions I ask myself are:

1. What are the risks? Be honest. Do not allow your emotions to weigh all the possible risks. This is where the mines are.

2. What is the probability that one of the risks will occur? Be honest. Use real information when you can do research and talk to others.

3. What are the rewards? Be realistic. Can you really leave your daily job and spend ten hours a week on something and earn $ 100,000 a year? (Probably not.)

4. What are the probabilities of these rewards? Be smart. Find out how others do something similar and how they live.

5. What other options do I have? Be creative. Don’t limit yourself. Consider all the possibilities.

6. Do I have to make this decision today? Probably not. Take the time to research and explore your options.

After answering these six questions, let go of your emotions and ask what your gut is telling you. Also, never forget about wild card risk; you do not know what you do not know!

Who can you trust when investing?

The fear and uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world. On top of these problems, the issue of police brutality against blacks was once again brought to the world’s attention. News of the tragic murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the killing of other blacks by police flooded. Demonstrations, peaceful protests, and sometimes riots and violence have attracted the attention of the United States and other parts of the world.

The world is in turmoil, and investing may not be on people’s minds. Many people have suffered financially from the pandemic, so money is a problem. They are looking for a way to earn much-needed money.

There are many gurus who want you to trust them by subscribing to stock papers. They promise big profits and make big claims. Their statements sound almost too good to be true. Maybe they are.

Although the unprecedented era created by the coronavirus has impressed everyone, it sounds like a so-called investment guru program. Oil, banking, cryptocurrency, medical companies and more say there are interesting investments in these troubled times. There are common names like Jon, Tom, Ken, Alex, Mark and Jeff, and more rare names like Jordan, Derek and Kyle. Who can you trust? It’s hard to know.

Sometimes they promise to make 100% return on your investment, or they can be brave enough to promise 2,000% a year. They say that you will probably get an investment return with your first trade. If they promise big profits, it’s a good idea to make sure they have a money back guarantee if they don’t produce as claimed.

If these promises came true, it would be a wonderful opportunity and a blessing. But often these are false promises that do not work. If you can find a program that pays for the claim, you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

It’s a pity not to lose when it’s considered a win, but it’s the same with so much investment. We can only be happy not to lose our shirts, although the gurus said we would win 100% or more with their recommendations. According to the recommendations given by the gurus, it is important to reduce your losses before you lose your shirt. Of course, winning is the goal.

False claims and dead spots can cause a lot of stress. Small failures can be overcome without large losses. It is tempting to listen to investment gurus to keep track of the winning trades. However, you can’t trust many or most of them. It is best to research and learn so that you can be confident in making the best decision.

Investment 101: Risk Terminology – BETA

About thirty years ago, statisticians armed with all the statistical theories began to confront the financial markets. There are a number of useful tools that the average investor should be familiar with when they want to buy stocks.

One secret that people “know” is “BETA”. Beta is a measure of how volatile the stock is relative to the market. This number is also included in many quotation services, so it’s easy to get, but I’ve often found that it’s never identified. 1.00 BETA means that on average, a portion has traditionally adapted to market changes on both the upside and downside. A BETA above 1.00 indicates average market volatility, and a BETA below 1.00 indicates average market volatility. When a BETA is below zero, it indicates that stocks are moving in the opposite direction of the general market, declining in bull markets and rising in bear markets. In the past, Gold Cultural stocks had negative betas. For example, Internet stocks have very high betas.

Many analysts who go beyond your TV screen and make recommendations use BETA as their primary choice device when looking for a suitable investment. So the next time you call an intermediary with an investment recommendation, ask what BETA is and then enjoy the silence on the other side of the phone. Then send him a copy of this article!


-Harald Anderson


Bitcoin accumulated? Active trading for those who want to close

Organizational cash flow is delayed by all accounts, and Bitcoin purchases are currently the only flow of USDT tokens.

The days when energetic buyers maximized payment cards to buy Bitcoin may be over. Indeed, even Korean markets have cooled. No matter what, the exchange of income – this time got rid of the source of Tether (USDT). At first glance, the value level of Bitcoin is $ 6,743.53, while Bitcoin retains its position as it slides, and its value strength again extends to 43.2% of the total market capitalization for all coins and tokens.

In any case, the goal may be character-filled liquidity. The printing of the USDT has been in line with the rapid rise in Bitcoin since mid-2017. It is possible that so far each infusion of USDT has caused an exciting purchase by all other reasonable means in addition. Nowadays, newcomers are either looking away, or most have lost hope that there will be faster additions to crypto. Perhaps using the USDT is another source of income for loyal brokers.

Despite earning more than $ 2.7 billion, each did not find its way to the BTC exchange. Not so long ago, the USDT offer on BTC exchanges was below and below 20%; Strong levels in the Japanese Yen, the US Dollar, the Korean Won and several different monetary standards. Maybe now the photo has changed rapidly and is gone in a few days.

According to CryptoCompare, more than 54% of all BTC exchanges are Tether trades due to the large supply of Bitfinex exchanges. It seems that crypto markets have now entered a phase in which all trades are internal, and over the next few years, costs may change only against the background of activities within cryptocurrencies, and not institutional brokers from the traditional stock universe.

Half a month ago, Tether entered a bunch of altcoins, and now it seems to be focused on Bitcoin. No matter how you look at it, while you can be sure of these costs, offering fiat welfare again for new Bitcoin buyers is actually problematic and could result in USDT tokens – it should, in principle, be refunded for money, but the procedure is moderate and there is a penalty of value.

Meanwhile, the crypto source TrueUSD (TUSD) saw the supply contract from 88 million to 81 million tokens, as if the verses were read and converted into money. For TUSD, reverse trading should be simpler – however, assuming the flow of assets from the digital market.

What is an ICO and how does it work?

The ICO has proven to be a revolutionary way to make money for many companies and projects. ICO can be said to be a mixture of traditional methods and advanced techniques. The first thing to consider here is that investors who invest in an ICO are 100% risk free due to the technology used.

So far, most ICO funds have been raised through Bitcoins (BTC) or Ether (ETH). When an ICO is implemented, the project prepares a Bitcoin or Ethereum address to receive funds and then displays it on the relevant website. The procedure is the same as opening a bank account and then showing it to people on a specific website so they can send money.

An initial coin offer (ICO) is an illegal way of raising public funds primarily through various cryptocurrencies (in some cases fiat currencies) and is operated by cryptocurrency organizations to obtain the capital funds required to carry out the project. In an ICO, a portion of a recently issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for any legal tender or any other cryptocurrency. It can be called a token sale or a crowd sale, which involves receiving an investment amount from investors and providing them with some features related to the project to be started.

An IPO, an initial public offering, is a term associated with an ICO in which investors own shares in a company. While in an ICO, investors buy money that can add value as the company strengthens.

The first token sale, the ICO, was made by Mastercoin in July 2013. Ethereum raised money with the ICO in 2014. ICO has received a completely new definition in recent years. It was around in May 2017. 20 offers and Brave’s ICO web browser earned about $ 35 million in just 30 seconds. As of the end of August 2017, 89 ICO coins worth $ 1.1 billion had been sold since January 2017.

Investors send Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency to a given address, and in return receive new tokens that can be of great benefit to them if the project is hit.

  • ICOs are mainly conducted for cryptocurrency-based projects based on decentralized technology. Of course, such projects will only force investors who are very interested in the concept of cryptocurrency and are friendly with the technology used.
  • A document belonging to an investor actually remains in the form of a website, white paper or website mail. Some of these documents show the exact details of the project, while others show whether their features were literally forged to deceive those interested. Therefore, you must pass a quality check before relying on any white paper or electronic document.

Preparing for the world of cryptocurrency: China Edition

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market has received a number of severe blows from the Chinese government. Market hits were perceived as a warrior, but the combinations showed their influence on many cryptocurrency investors. Poor market performance is down from a thousand percent gain in 2017.

What happened?

Since 2013, the Chinese government has taken steps to regulate cryptocurrencies, but nothing has happened compared to what was introduced in 2017. (See this article for a detailed analysis of the official statement issued by the Chinese government)

2017 was a banner year for the cryptocurrency market with all the attention and growth it gained. Excessive price volatility has forced the central bank to take more drastic measures, including a ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and closures on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Mining factories in China were soon forced to shut down under the pretext of excessive electricity consumption. Many exchanges and factories moved abroad to avoid regulation, but remained accessible to Chinese investors. However, they still can’t escape the Chinese Dragon’s claws.

In a recent government-led effort to track and ban cryptocurrency trading among Chinese investors, China has expanded its “Eagle’s Eye” to monitor foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Companies and bank accounts suspected of conducting operations and related activities with foreign crypto exchanges are subject to measures ranging from limiting withdrawal limits to freezing accounts. There are constant rumors among the Chinese public about more extreme measures to be applied on foreign platforms that allow Chinese investors to trade.

“As to whether there will be more regulatory action, we must wait for orders from higher authorities.” Excerpts from an interview with the group leader of the Public Information Network Security Supervision Agency under the Ministry of Public Security of China, February 28


Imagine that your child is investing their savings in a digital product (in this case cryptocurrency), there is no way to check its authenticity and value. You can be lucky and get rich, or you can lose it all when the crypto bubble bursts. Now convey this to millions of Chinese citizens, and we are talking about billions of Chinese Yuan.

The market is full of fraud and meaningless ICOs. (I’m sure you’ve heard the news that people are sending money to random addresses with promises of doubling their investments and meaningless ICOs). Many reluctant investors are in the money and pay less attention to the technology and innovation behind it. The value of many cryptocurrencies stems from market speculation. During a crypto-boom in 2017, join any ICO with either a well-known consultant, or a promising team, or a good reputation, and guarantee at least 3 times your investment.

The lack of understanding of the firm and the technology behind it is a recipe for disaster with the proliferation of ICOs. Members of the central bank say that almost 90% of ICOs commit fraud or illegal fundraising. I think the Chinese government wants to ensure that cryptocurrencies are ‘managed’ and not too big to fail within Chinese society. Although aggressive and controversial, China is moving towards a safer, more regulated cryptocurrency world. In fact, this may be the best move the country has taken in decades.

Will China issue an ultimatum and make cryptocurrency illegal? I doubt it, because it is pointless to do so. Currently, financial institutions are prohibited from owning any crypto assets, and individuals are allowed to engage in any form of trading.

State-run cryptocurrency exchange?

Both are attending the annual “Two Meetings” (named after the two major parties – the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)) in the first week of March. Gather to discuss the latest issues and make the necessary legal changes.

NPCC member Wang Pengjie was interested in the prospects of a digital asset trading platform operated by the state, and also launched educational projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrency in China. However, an approved account is required to allow trading on the proposed platform.

“An effective cryptocurrency exchange platform with the establishment and regulation of regulations related to the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to protect the digital assets of companies (ICOs) and investors to achieve capital valuation” Wang Pengjie in Two Sessions ‘s presentation.

The march towards the Blockchain Nation

Governments and central banks around the world have struggled to cope with the growing cryptocurrency; but one thing is for sure, they all embraced the blockchain.

Despite the cut in cryptocurrency, the blockchain is gaining popularity and appropriation at various levels. The Chinese government supports blockchain initiatives and adopts technology. In fact, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is working on digital currency and conducting fraudulent transactions with some commercial banks in the country. It has not yet been confirmed that digital currency will not be centralized and that cryptocurrency will offer anonymity and invariability. Given that anonymity is the last thing China wants in its own countries, it would not be surprising if it turns out to be a digital Chinese yuan. However, the digital currency, created as a close substitute for the Chinese yuan, will be subject to existing monetary policy and laws.

Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People’s Bank of China. Source: CNBC

“Many cryptocurrencies have seen explosive growth that could have a significant negative impact on consumers and retail investors. We don’t like products (cryptocurrencies) that take advantage of a great opportunity for speculation that makes people dream of getting rich overnight,” Zhou Xiaochuan said in a report on Friday, March 9.

Zhou Xiaochuan, chairman of the People’s Bank of China, criticized the cryptocurrency projects used to make cash in the crypto-boom and increase market speculation during a media speech on Friday, March 9th. He also noted that the development of digital currency is ‘technologically inevitable’.

At the regional level, many Chinese cities are promoting blockchain initiatives to promote growth in their regions. Hangzhou, known as Alibaba’s headquarters, said blockchain technology will be one of the city’s top priorities in 2018. Local authorities in Chengdu have also been asked to set up an incubation center to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology. financial services of the city.

Local conglomerates such as Tencent and Alibaba have also partnered with blockchain firms or launched projects themselves. Blockchain companies, such as VeChain, have also established numerous partnerships with Chinese companies to improve the transparency of the supply chain in China.

All indications are that China is working towards a blockchain nation. China has always been open to emerging technologies such as mobile payment and artificial intelligence. After that, China will no doubt be the first country to support the blockchain. Will we allow the Chinese government to withdraw and allow its citizens to trade again? Probably when the market matures and becomes less volatile, but not in 2018.

Exclusive income options

Make the most of the income you want

Optional income is the rest of you after paying your fixed expenses. It is up to you to spend on everything you choose.

But …

How you spend this money can change your financial situation, but before that we need to determine what a reasonable income is.

Rent / rates

Car operating costs



Grocery and so on.

People with some form of addiction will prioritize their expenses so that the addiction is included in their fixed costs.

Everyone who has reached the age of majority has the freedom to choose if their debts are eroded in relation to their level of debt.

The old proverb, “The lender is the slave who lends,” embodies this.

We have some control over all of our fixed costs, such as groceries and energy; we can reduce them, but items like rates / rent are determined, but we can choose to live in a more modest apartment or cut back.

The excess of your expenses is called reasonable income.

Another way to increase your one-time (voluntary) income is to get a part-time job, get a higher-paying job, or increase your income by selling things online.

Instead of trying to cover all the expenses you want, saving for a bigger purpose gives your life meaning. Instead of just letting things happen, you make things happen. For 10-20 years, many people wondered what it was.

There is a big difference between saving your money and investing. Sensitive investors use their discretion to increase their wealth by investing in higher-risk stocks and stocks, gold and cryptocurrency. If you are climbing the investment ladder, there are enough online platforms where you can spend your bait money on these things.

But then you can choose to save money for a holiday and mark one or two products on your bucket list. Closing borders will limit your choice of location, but there are so many fantastic places to visit in New Zealand, this is an opportunity to discover your own backyard.

The most popular activities in New Zealand include descending the Franz and Fox Glaciers, diving in the hot pools of Hanmer Springs, visiting Marlborough’s wine region, or attending one of the country’s sporting events. One thing I should mention here is the Tranz Alpine Express train journey between Christchurch and Greymouth. It is considered one of the best train travels in the world and I do not agree with my experience. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Advantages of Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)

In 2017-2018, the cryptocurrency market developed rapidly; The total market value of cryptocurrencies reached $ 700 billion last year. With the huge market potential offered by cryptocurrencies, digital currency trading is thriving, and several crypto exchanges have been launched over the past year and are still in the early stages of development. Crypto exchanges are platforms where traders can exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform that will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2018. PCEX provides secure, fast, high liquidity and uses a broker channel for added security. The platform is a one-stop trading solution; We offer both cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency for fiat currency trading.

Advantages of PCEX

Multifunctional exchange platform

Many crypto exchanges, even prominent platforms, only support crypto-crypto trading and force traders to operate on many exchanges. Crypto-traders first buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money on a specific platform and then distribute the currencies across several trading platforms to provide liquidity and profit. Traders have only a handful of platform options to convert digital currencies to fiat. PCEX is a comprehensive solution that offers high liquidity; Crypto-traders can conduct all their trades on a single platform and at the same time earn significant income.

High liquidity

To promote the liquidity of digital assets in PCEX, the platform incorporates all the key features for fast-moving exchanges;

An easy user interface to simplify the operation process. PCEX is built in a similar way to the National Exchange format for dating.

Low transaction fee (requires very little fee to trade on the PCEX platform).

An advanced buying and selling procedure through a superior fit engine. Trade orders will be quickly adapted to the platform.

High caliber order compatibility

PCEX users are offered a limit trading procedure so that they can buy or sell assets at the price they set; The appropriate engine will try to increase sales by adapting users’ trade to a better price in a limited time. The time limit will be set by traders, after which the trade order will be deleted from the platform. PCEX has the ability to quickly adapt orders with a superior engine.

Affordable payments

To trade on PCEX, crypto-traders will require only two payments: transaction fees and withdrawal fees. The transaction fee on PCEX is much lower than on other platforms that offer similar services. A significant portion of transaction fees go to PCEX brokers and sub-brokers; the platform will receive a smaller portion of the cut.

Broker and Sub-Broker Channels

Brokers and sub brokers for crypto trading are a unique feature of the PCEX trading platform. Traders on crypto exchange platforms generally face poor customer support and slow response times. PCEX corrects this shortcoming by using an intermediary and a sub-broker to help traders personally in each trade. A single point of contact will be assigned to traders who can contact PCEX at any time for assistance. No dark response period will ever be associated with PCEX.

Thanks to a brokerage channel and exceptional services, PCEX aims to build long-term relationships with users. The broker channel also adds a layer of security to the platform.

High security

By the way, PCEX has several security layers. The platform has a Clark-Wilson model of security architecture to ensure data integrity. The security system will check the reception of data on the PCEX, thus preventing data breaches together. Reliable operations on the platform require the cooperation of auditors; devices and identities are available to protect your website. PCEX provides an impenetrable level of security for crypto-traders and protects traders’ identities and digital assets from hackers and accidental losses.

All PCEX users, brokers and sub-brokers must complete the KYC / AML protocol; PCEX is preparing for all the rules that may arise in the future. Traders can also be provided with legitimate behavior on the platform.

The result

Cryptocurrency trading is a volatile atmosphere with prices soaring and dipping almost every day. Price volatility depends on country or state regulations, security, digital currencies, major players, and so on. It depends on the acceptance of the sellers. Cryptocurrency trading provides very high investment returns compared to traditional exchanges; Early investors in cryptocurrencies made millions in 2017-2018.

To support the growing demand for digital currencies and digital currency trading platforms, PCEX implements an advanced framework with full service tools. Everything a crypto trader needs to trade smoothly and effortlessly is available on PCEX. In fact, PCEX goes more miles.

Explore new and exclusive crypto exchanges at http://www.pcex.io.

The "Experts" Crypto is wrong

Bitcoin peaked at about $ 20,000 on December 17, about a month ago. As I wrote, cryptocurrency is below $ 11,000 … 45% loss. It’s more than that $ 150 billion at market value lost.

In crypto-descriptions, give a lot of handshakes and gnashing of teeth. It’s a neck-and-neck, but I think the “I told you” crowd has an advantage over the “excusers.”

Here’s the thing: If you haven’t lost your shirt on Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter. And chances are, the “experts” you see in the press won’t tell you why.

In fact, the collapse of bitcoin is great … because it means we all stop thinking about cryptocurrencies altogether.

The death of Bitcoin …

In about a year, people will not talk about bitcoin in the grocery store or on the bus as they do now. That’s why.

Bitcoin is justifiably a product of frustration. Its designer openly said that cryptocurrency was a reaction to the government’s abuse of fiat currencies such as the dollar or the euro. It had to introduce an independent, peer-to-peer payment system based on virtual currency, as they were limited in number.

This dream has long been cast in favor of raw speculation. Surprisingly, most people are interested in bitcoin because it seems like an easy way to get more fiat currency! They don’t have it because they want to buy pizza or gas with it.

In addition to being a terrible way to conduct e-transactions – bitterly slow – the success of bitcoin as a speculative game has made it useless as a currency. If it evaluates so fast, why would anyone spend it? Who will accept one when it is rapidly falling in price?

Bitcoin is also a major source of pollution. It takes 351 kilowatt-hours of electricity to process just one operation – which releases 172 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That’s enough to strengthen a US family for a year. The energy consumed by all bitcoin mines to date can provide energy to nearly 4 million US families a year.

Paradoxically, bitcoin is an old-fashioned success speculative game – not the intended libertarian use – has led to government pressure.

China, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and France have applied or taken into account the bans or restrictions on bitcoin trading. Several intergovernmental organizations have called for concerted action to manage the bubble. The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which once seemed to approve bitcoin-based financial derivatives, now seems hesitant.

According to Investing.com: “The European Union is imposing stricter rules to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing on virtual money platforms. It is also looking at restrictions on cryptocurrency trading.”

We may see a functional, widely accepted cryptocurrency someday, but bitcoin will not.

… But A Boost for Crypto Assets

Good. Going through Bitcoin allows us to see where the true value of crypto assets is. Here’s how.

You need tokens to use the New York subway system. You can’t use it to get anything else … though could sell the subway to someone who wants to use you more.

In fact, if subway tokens were in limited supply, there could be a lively market for them. They can trade at a higher price than they initially spent. It all depends on how many people there are we want to use the subway.

In short, this is the scenario of the most promising “cryptocurrencies” outside of bitcoin. They are not money, they are verses – “Crypto-verses” if you like. They are not used as a common currency. They are only good on the platform they are designed for.

If these platforms provide valuable services, people will want these cryptocurrencies, and that will set their prices. In other words, cryptocurrencies will gain as much value as what you can get for them from people’s connected platforms.

This will make them real assets, with internal value – because it can be used to get something that people value. This means that having such crypto-tokens, you can expect a reliable income or service flow. Critically, just as we calculate the price / earnings ratio (P / E) of a stock, you can also measure future earnings with a crypto-token price.

Unlike Bitcoin, it has no intrinsic value. There is only one price – the price set by supply and demand. You can’t create future income streams, and you can’t measure anything like a P / E ratio for that.

One day it will be worthless, because it does not bring you anything real.

Ether and other Crypto Assets are the Future

I am sure that the crypto-token will air appears as a currency. Sold on cryptocurrency exchanges under the code ETH. Its symbol is the great Greek symbol Xi. Similar to Bitcoin (but requires less energy) is mined over a period of time.

But airtime is not money. The designers call it “the distributed application platform is a fuel for the development of Ethereum. It is a form of payment for machines that perform the operations required by the platform’s customers.”

Ether tokens provide access to one of the world’s most advanced distributed computing networks. It is so encouraging that large companies are falling on top of each other to develop practical, realistic ways to use it.

Because most traders don’t understand or care about their true purpose, the price of ether has skyrocketed in recent weeks like bitcoin.

But as a result, ether will return to a fixed price based on the demand for computing services that people can “buy”. This will represent the price real value can be evaluated for the future. There will be a futures market and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for this, as it will be a way for everyone to estimate their underlying value over time. As we do with stocks.

What will this value be? I have no idea. But I know it will be more than bitcoin.

My advice: get rid of your Bitcoin and get ether on the next dive.